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Smoke Alarm Legislation

  • Smoke Alarm Legislation
    Smoke alarm legislation is different in each state of Australia and in New Zealand. Some laws cover installing detectors. While other laws relate to smoke alarm servicing. Regulations can be tough to read. If you are looking for some simple guides, you might find the following law topics helpful: Alternatively, click on the buttons belowContinue reading “Smoke Alarm Legislation”

Smoke Alarm Comparison

  • Smoke Alarm Comparison
    Smoke alarm comparisons in Australia are few and far between. So we thought it was time to correct that short coming. This post discusses what criteria professionals use when selecting alarms and compares those that make the grade and those that fall short. However, just because a professional uses a particular brand doesn’t mean thatContinue reading “Smoke Alarm Comparison”

Smoke Alarm Installation

  • Smoke Alarm DIY vs Smoke Alarm Contractor
    Your choice of a Smoke Alarm DIY vs Contractor system involves considering: Installation Servicing Installation and servicing package Smart smoke alarm Service companies vs SmokeSight Smoke alarm installation While you will need an electrician to install mains powered smoke detectors, no special licenses are needed to install 10 year lithium battery powered alarms. So, youContinue reading “Smoke Alarm DIY vs Smoke Alarm Contractor”
  • Smoke Alarm Installing
    National, local laws and standards specify residential smoke alarm installing requirements. In addition, the manufacturer’s user manual also provides a guide. But beware that these guides provide general information only. How to install smoke alarms Installing a smoke alarm system normally involves the following tasks: Finding the laws and standards applicable your home or unit’sContinue reading “Smoke Alarm Installing”

Smoke Alarm Servicing

  • How do smoke alarms work?
    Smoke alarms and smoke detectors work by sensing small particles in the air.  Once they detect those particles above a certain threshold, they sound the alarm. There are two main smoke detector types, photoelectric smoke detectors and ionization smoke detectors.  In Australia, photoelectric smoke detectors are encouraged and in many cases, required. Photoelectric technology worksContinue reading “How do smoke alarms work?”
  • Smoke Alarm Testing
    Testing your smoke alarm is the only way to guarantee that it is working. So how often do you test? Smoke Alarm Annual Testing If you test your smoke alarm annually then consider this scenario: You test your smoke alarm on 1st January, Year 0 and it works okay Your smoke alarm beeper develops anContinue reading “Smoke Alarm Testing”
  • Smoke Alarm Servicing
    Local laws specify residential smoke alarm servicing. In particular, the laws relate to home owners, landlords and tenants. Also, they reference and therefore empower the instructions detailed in the manufacturers user manual. How to service a smoke alarm Servicing a smoke alarm normally involves the following tasks: Annual testing by pressing the test button BackupContinue reading “Smoke Alarm Servicing”