Smoke Alarm Design Service

Using the smoke alarm design service, we design your smoke alarm system for you. Firstly though, you’ll need to provide some information and a floorplan.

How to draw a smoke alarm floor plan

If you haven’t got a professionally drawn floor plan that you can upload don’t worry. Because, sketching a floor plan for smoke alarm design is easier than you think.

Pen and paper smoke alarm floor plan

Don’t worry about crooked lines, showing rooms to scale or dimensions. Here’s the simple process:

  1. Draw the ground floor outline of your home or unit, showing your external doors.
  2. Now, draw your rooms, showing the door and internal stair locations.
  3. Next, draw a circle where you have existing mains powered alarms. Mains powered alarms display a solid green light when powered.
  4. Finally, label your rooms as bedroom, kitchen, hall etc
  5. Simply, repeat the drawing process for all of the levels in your dwelling and remember to label your levels.

Now that you’ve drawn your smoke alarm floor plan you can either scan it or take a photo using your phone. To take a photo of your floor plan using your phone:

  1. Use your phone to navigate to this page. In other words
  2. Next, click on the “Choose files” button in the form
  3. Finally, select “Camera” to take your photo or “Files” to choose a photo from your gallery to upload
Online smoke alarm floor plan

You can sketch online and then just send us the link using the form. Here’s how:

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