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Property managers and landlords find that low lifecycle cost and low maintenance are the key advantages of SmokeSight. These benefits are delivered by the following features:

  • AutoTest*
    • At the start of a residential tenancy, property managers normally record that the smoke alarms are clean and working.  In some cases, smoke alarm contractors are engaged to clean, test and provide a compliance certificate.  But appointing and managing contractors requires effort and can be costly.  AutoTest* tests the alarm regularly and independently, and chirps in the event that it has failed.  So with AutoTest*, you need only perform a check that the alarm is clean and not chirping.  Of course cleaning and testing can be performed with a cobweb brush if needed.  No special skills are required.
    • During a tenancy, the testing of rental property, smoke alarms is often the job of the tenant.  Incidently, regulatory bodies recommend monthly testing!  Consequently, the tenant must remember to test, test and record the test results.  But regular testing is sometimes forgotten, is inconvenient and exposes the alarm to damage.  AutoTest* saves you having to replace damaged alarms and means that you can sleep easy knowing that your tenant’s smoke alarms are working.
  • BatteryBliss** – A chirping smoke alarm at 2am warns of a low battery. Then if it is difficult to silence, others may disable or damage the alarm. As a result safety is then compromised. In addition, replacing backup batteries is a pain and damaging to the environment. So BatteryBliss design extends backup battery life to 5 years, incorporates easy 8 hour chirp silencing and provides obvious and simple alarm removal to allow a battery change.
  • ClapSilence* – A nuisance alarm is annoying. If it is difficult to silence, others may disable or damage the alarm. Consequently safety is then compromised. ClapSilence makes it easy to hush a sounding alarm.
  • TamperProof – Unauthorised modification or disabling of a smoke alarm may compromise the safety of the dwelling. So an optional tamper proof facility is included.

*Available on SS10MAMA and SS10LNAN models
**5 year battery life using supplied backup batteries with SS10MANN and SS10MAMA mains powered models. SS10LNAN incorporates a 10 year Lithium primary battery. SS10MAMA and SS10LNAN Option card primary battery life is also 5 years.