Smart Smoke Alarm

The SmokeSight smoke alarms are packed with unique and smart smoke alarm features. But firstly…

Why test your smoke alarms?

SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarm
SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarm

Because, it’s the only way to confirm that your smoke alarms are working. But it’s easy to forget and they are hard to reach.

Where we work, office fire alarm systems commonly undergo weekly tests. Yet where we sleep, many of us don’t test our detectors.

So why risk your family and home by choosing ordinary smoke alarms?

Where fire deaths occurred in homes with smoke alarms, 27% of the smoke alarms were not working.

The absence of working smoke alarms can increase the possibility of a fatal fire by 60%.

Preventable residential fire fatalities in Australia July 2003 to June 2017
SmokeSight CalmAlarm

CalmAlarm – Real time compensation for temperature and humidity variation as well as gradual dust buildup.

Nuisance alarm events are less likely with CalmAlarm. Environmental changes are accommodated so you can relax.

SmokeSight AutoTest

AutoTest* – An automatic, 5 second sound test. At a time convenient to you every week, fortnight or four weeks. Or, simply disable it.

Tested alarms are working alarms. Smoke alarm damage is less likely with AutoTest as there is no need to touch the smoke alarm to perform a test.

SmokeSight BatteryBliss

BatteryBliss** – Backup battery life of up to 5 years on mains powered alarms and 10 years on Lithium battery powered alarms.

Smoke alarm damage is less likely with BatteryBliss as the need to fiddle with the smoke alarm is substantially reduced or eliminated.

SmokeSight ClapSilence

ClapSilence* – A false alarm can be silenced with a simple, double hand clap.

Smoke alarm damage is less likely with ClapSilence as there is no need to touch the smoke alarm in order to silence a nuisance alarm.

SmokeSight EscapeLighting

EscapeLighting* – Flashing white LED, alerts you and illuminates your escape path.

Additional help if your vision or hearing is just not 100%, or it’s the middle of the night.

SmokeSight Australian Made

Australian Designed, Australian Made – SmokeSight photoelectric smoke alarms are designed, assembled and tested in Australia by Redbusbar and are certified to Australian Standard AS3786:2014.

Established in 2003 Redbusbar, a Queensland company, is a safety innovator. Redbusbar holds several patents and supplies safety products globally.

*Available on SS10MAMA and SS10LNAN models
**5 year battery life using supplied backup batteries with SS10MANN and SS10MAMA mains powered models. SS10LNAN incorporates a 10 year Lithium primary battery. SS10MAMA and SS10LNAN Option card primary battery life is also 5 years.

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