low effort + high safety
smart smoke alarm

All smoke alarms fail. Sometimes, it’s not even obvious that they have failed!

Other problems such as nuisance alarms, low battery chirping or difficult battery replacements are often the cause of disabled or damaged alarms.

As a result, more maintenance, more cost and more risk to your family.

Your solution? A practical, smart smoke alarm.

Innovations unique to SmokeSight include:

  • whole of alarm, automatic testing, so the best protection for your family
  • noise tolerant design, so less nuisance alarms
  • simple setup, use and less maintenance, so less effort and cost to you

Australian designed, Australian made

SmokeSight photoelectric smoke alarms are designed, assembled and tested in Australia by Redbusbar and are certified to Australian Standard AS3786:2014.

Established in 2003 Redbusbar, a Queensland company, is a safety innovator. Redbusbar holds several patents and supplies safety products globally.

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The new standard

One day, all interconnected smoke alarms will focus on your safety and convenience.

Until then, SmokeSight is the best wire interconnected smoke alarm and wireless interconnected smoke alarm for your home or rental property.