Interconnected Smoke Alarms

SmokeSight are the only interconnected smoke alarms that are Designed and Made in Australia.  So they tolerate Australian insects and humidity which are the primary causes of smoke alarm, false alarms.

Photoelectric smoke alarm quality means easy setup, no nuisance alarms and low maintenance.  So do it right the first time!

CalmAlarm, AutoTest and ClapSilence innovations deliver safety and convenience. 

  • SmokeSight 5 Star Review

Australian Made Smoke Alarms

SmokeSight photoelectric smoke alarms are Australia’s only designed, assembled and tested residential smoke alarm.

Others claim to be Australia’s best smoke alarm. A cheeky way of suggesting that they are Australian made, when they are not. Beware, only SmokeSight can claim to be the best smoke alarm, that is made in Australia.

Quality Smoke Alarms

ActivFire Certified - SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarms

SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarms are designed by Australian engineers. So you can be sure that they are designed for Australian conditions such as humidity, temperature and insects. Building materials and methods also affects wired and wireless interconnection performance. This local knowledge enhances smoke alarm quality. Another reason to buy Australian made.

SmokeSight is certified to Australian Standard AS3786:2014 by ActivFire / CSIRO.

Smart Smoke Alarms

Gadgets and gimmicks do not feature in SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarms. For example WiFi enabled remote access and wall mounted, smoke alarm controllers provide questionable benefits, increase complexity and add points of failure. So, not so smart smoke alarms.

Therefore, only attributes that improve safety, simplicity and reduce nuisance or false alarms make it into SmokeSight.

Take AutoTest for example. A faulty smoke alarm looks identical to a working smoke alarm. So regular testing is the only way to identify a faulty smoke detector. But testing alarms is easy to forget and they can be hard to reach. Consequently, AutoTest is one feature of many, that enhances safety and simplicity.

SmokeSight is a truly smart smoke alarm.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Family

SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarm
SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarm

Installation in homes, apartments, units, caravans and sheds requires a variety of power supply and alarm interlinking options. So the family incorporates:

  • 10 year lithium battery powered, wireless smoke alarms
  • Mains powered, hard wired + wireless smoke alarms
  • Mains powered, hard wired smoke alarms

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