Interconnected Smoke Alarms

SmokeSight are the only interconnected smoke alarms that are designed and Made in Australia. The best smoke detector in Australia must:

  • Be safe and stable. End nuisance alarms, smoke alarm chirping
  • Be easy to setup and maintain
  • Be hard wired or wireless interconnected, 10 year battery or 240V powered
  • Offer smart smoke alarm innovations eg ClapSilence

Do it right the first time with a quality SmokeSight photoelectric smoke alarm!

  • SmokeSight 5 Star Review

Australian Made Smoke Alarms

SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarms are Australia’s only designed and made residential smoke detector.  Being a Queensland made smoke alarm they were designed for, and comply with, the new Queensland smoke alarm legislation.

Others claim to be Australia’s best smoke alarm. A cheeky way of suggesting that they are Australian made, when they are not. Beware, only SmokeSight can claim to be the best smoke detector that is actually made in Australia.

Quality Smoke Alarms

ActivFire Certified - SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarms

SmokeSight was designed by Australian engineers to withstand Australian humidity and temperature extremes as well as our invasive insects. Our deep understanding of local building materials and construction methods further elevates the performance of both hard wired and wireless interconnections ensuring top-notch smoke alarm quality.

SmokeSight is certified to Australian Standard AS3786 2014 by ActivFire / CSIRO.

Smart Smoke Alarms

A truly smart smoke alarm prioritizes practical innovation.

While features like WiFi remote access and wall-mounted controllers sound enticing, they provide questionable benefits, add complexity and potential points of failure.

SmokeSight attributes deliver enhanced safety, simplicity and minimized false alarms. For instance, SmokeSight boasts AutoTest, a self-testing function that ensures peace of mind with zero effort. Just one of the many clever features that set SmokeSight apart as a genuinely smart smoke alarm.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Family

SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarm
SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarm

Installation in homes, apartments, units, boarding houses, hostels, caravans and sheds requires a variety of power supply and alarm interlinking options. So the family incorporates:

  • 10 year lithium battery, wireless smoke alarms
  • 240V hard wired + wireless smoke alarms
  • 240V hard wired smoke alarms

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