How To

This smoke alarm how to helps you design, buy and install your smoke alarm system.

1. Smoke alarm locations

So, how much help do you want with designing your system?

That is, you could get us to design your system for you, using the Smoke Alarm Design Service. Then again, you could do the design instead, using the Smoke Alarm Guide.

Click…Smoke Alarm Design ServiceSmoke Alarm DIY Guide
Why?SimpleFast. Self education
When?Allow 1 working day for us to review and update your floor planAt your pace
YouProvide a floor plan sketchUse template floor plans and the smoke alarm calculator
WeReview and update your floor plan with smoke alarm locations and typesOnly if you require, review your floor plan showing smoke alarm locations and types

2. Smoke alarm buy

Why risk your family and/or asset, another day?

*Redbusbar manufactures SmokeSight smoke alarms.

3. Smoke alarm install

SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarm
SmokeSight interconnected smoke alarm

So if you preferred a non-electrician solution and purchased SmokeSight wireless alarms it’s time to get down to nuts and bolts. View the manuals and videos in the Documents.

On the other hand, if you have purchased SmokeSight wired alarms, contact your local electrician and ask for a quote to install the smoke detectors. In addition, it might be helpful to provide your electrician the count and type of your SmokeSight alarms.

Smoke alarm how to. Easy as!