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DIY installers and electricians find that easy setup and wired / wireless flexibility are the key advantages of SmokeSight. These benefits are delivered by the following features:

  • NetworkNow* – Some smoke alarms utilise multistep procedures or DIP switches to setup the wireless interlink network. So, they can be confusing, time consuming or just awkward. In contrast, building the SmokeSight wireless network is as easy as applying power in sequence to add each smoke alarm. Network validation and testing is also simple.
  • GroundSupport* – Changing or querying the configuration of a smoke alarm network often requires smoke alarm removal. As a result, installers require a ladder or platform to reach each alarm. But working at heights can be dangerous, slow and inconvenient. That is why all SmokeSight configuration and status reporting can be performed at ground level.
  • Interconnection (Hard Wired*** and Wireless*) – Retrofit smoke alarm installations often require a mix of mains powered and battery powered alarms. They may even require both wired and wireless alarm interlinking. However, few smoke alarm are capable of supporting a hybrid interconnection arrangement. In contrast the SmokeSight family allows an active alarm signal to be communicated both across hard wired and wireless smoke alarm, network segments.
  • TrueTerminal*** – Some smoke alarms incorporate mains connection via a plug or small screw terminals. In this case daisy chaining or looping the mains supply to other smoke alarms requires the installation of a junction box in the ceiling space. But installing a junction box can be difficult and time consuming. SmokeSight incorporates mains and loop screw terminals that can accept 2 x 2.5mmsq conductors each*.

Mains powered smoke alarms should be installed by licensed electricians. Lithium battery powered smoke alarms are suitable for DIY installation.

*Available on SS10MAMA and SS10LNAN models
***Available on SS10MAMA and SS10MANN models.

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