Smoke Alarm Comparison

Smoke alarm comparisons of alarms available in Australia are few and far between. So we thought it was time to correct that short coming.

This post is not about determining the best smoke alarm or providing an opinion on the best australian smoke alarm. In addition, it doesn’t try to assign a smoke alarm rating or provide a smoke alarm review. Rather, it provides some key information and lets you decide based on your needs.

Selection criteria

The criteria used for selecting brands for the smoke alarm comparison was as follows:

  • Photoelectric complying with Australian Standard AS 3786:2014 Smoke Alarms
  • Wire interconnected and wireless interconnected alarms. So as when combined, they communicate an active alarm across both networks at the same time
  • Mains powered and 10 Yr lithium battery powered alarms
  • Alarms used by industry professionals. Therefore easy to install and maintain

Missed the cut

As a result, the following alarms were excluded from the smoke alarm comparison:

  • No ionisation alarms. While excelling in identifying burnt toast, they can be slow to react to a serious household fire!
  • Inflexible solutions. In other words, alarms that don’t offer a mix of interlinking and powering options. To clarify, brands are excluded if they don’t offer a solution to signal an active alarm on a mains powered, wire interconnected alarm network to 10 Yr lithium battery, wireless alarm network. This criteria will be important for you to consider if your dwelling includes existing mains powered alarms and you want to add 10 Yr lithium battery alarms. For example Bunnings Quell
  • Special needs alarms. That is, they require special skills or apps for setup. For example Nest Protect
  • Installers curse. For instance mains powered alarms that don’t incorporate electrical terminals as part of the ceiling mounted base. These can be difficult for an electrician to make the wiring safe. It also means touching energised wiring if you need to remove the alarm! For example China Siterwell (Bunnings Family First, Bunnings Fire Pro, Evadare, Optilife, IPESA, Voltex)

Brooks vs PSA vs Clipsal vs Redbusbar

So here we go:

FeatureBrooks EIB3000PSA LifeSaverClipsal Fire TekRedbusbar SmokeSight
Diameter mm150130140148
Height mm55454750
Wired interlink nodes12244040
Wireless interlink nodes12244024
Wireless interlink response time secs< 45< 5< 30< 5
Li Battery life years10101010
Mains backup battery life years1115
Alarm memory
Do Not Disturb / Snooze
Whole of alarm, automatic testing
Escape lighting when alarming
Clap to silence
Remote Test / Hush
Family wide, same appearance
Designed inIrelandChinaChinaAustralia
Made inChinaChinaChinaAustralia
Warranty years51055

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