The SmokeSight family of home smoke alarms is packed with practical features. But firstly…

Why test your smoke alarms?

SmokeSight Smoke Alarm

Because, it’s the only way to confirm that your smoke alarms are working. But it’s easy to forget to test your alarms and they are hard to reach.

With SmokeSight’s AutoTest, the alarm tests itself, for you. AutoTest is a 5 second sound test, at a time and interval, that you choose.

Where we work, office fire alarm systems commonly undergo weekly tests. Yet where we sleep, many of us don’t test our detectors. So we risk our family and home because ordinary alarms rely on your memory, to be safe.

Therefore, SmokeSight’s regular checking delivers high integrity fire detection. In summary, a safer family without you needing to lift a finger!

Almost 1 in 5 deaths from home fires resulted where smoke alarms were installed, but did not work

NFPA’s “Smoke Alarms in U.S. Home Fires” January 2019,
UK Fire Statistics: Great Britain April 2013 to March 2014
SmokeSight AutoTest

AutoTest* – An automatic, 5 second sound test. At a time convenient to you every week, fortnight or four weeks.

Smoke alarm damage is less likely with AutoTest as there is no need to touch the smoke alarm in order to perform a test.

SmokeSight BatteryBliss

BatteryBliss** – Backup battery life of up to 5 years on mains powered alarms and 10 years on Li battery powered alarms.

Smoke alarm damage is less likely with BatteryBliss as the need to fiddle with the smoke alarm is substantially reduced or eliminated.

SmokeSight ClapSilence

ClapSilence* – A false alarm can be silenced with a simple, double hand clap.

Smoke alarm damage is less likely with ClapSilence as there is no need to touch the smoke alarm in order to silence a nuisance alarm.

SmokeSight EscapeLighting

EscapeLighting* – Flashing white LED, alerts you and illuminates your escape path.

Additional help if your vision or hearing is just not 100%, or it’s the middle of the night.

SmokeSight Australian Made

Australian Designed, Australian Made – SmokeSight photoelectric smoke alarms are designed, assembled and tested in Australia by Redbusbar and are certified to Australian Standard AS3786:2014.

Established in 2003 Redbusbar, a Queensland company, is a safety innovator. Redbusbar holds several patents and supplies safety products globally.

The SmokeSight Family

SmokeSight alarms can be interlinked or interconnected. In other words, when one alarm sounds, they all sound.

Mains powered alarms are hard wire interlinked. They are installed, by an electrician, in new homes or existing homes undergoing a major renovation.

On the other hand, 10Yr lithium battery powered alarms are wirelessly interlinked. They can be installed, by anyone, in existing homes at any time.

Sometimes though, systems in existing homes will require a mix of wired and wireless detectors. This maybe because there are existing hard wired alarms but new alarms need to be added in new locations. However, wiring access to the new locations maybe poor. So a gateway or bridge smoke alarm is required to link the wired and wireless detectors. This hybrid network arrangement is possible with the following SmokeSight models:

  • Wireless smoke alarm : 10 Yr Li battery powered + wireless interconnected
  • Wired smoke alarm : mains powered + hardwired interconnected
  • Wired + wireless smoke alarm (bridge) : mains powered + wireless interconnected + hardwired interconnected

The family is certified to Australian Standard AS3786:2014. Detailed features include:

SmokeSight FeaturesPart#
Power SupplyMains +
2 x AA
10 Yr Li Batt
+ 2 x AA
Mains +
4 x AA
Alarm InterconnectionWiredWirelessWired +
Photoelectric technology. So it detects smouldering fires
BatteryBliss. Mains, backup / option card battery life 5 years
Automatic photoelectric chamber, scheduled self-testing
Alarm red LED and 85dBA alarm siren
Fixed ceiling mounting base
Sliding alarm. So simple maintenance removal / reinstallation
Chamber insect screen protection
Test and Hush button
Low Battery 8 hour hush
Battery missing interlock
Wired Interconnect. Up to 40 alarms per segment
TrueTerminal. Integral mains termination box
Mains green LED with diffuser. So suits above bed installations
AutoTest. Automatic, 1/2/4 weekly full alarm, self-testing
ClapSilence. Hand clap hushes smoke alarm
EscapeLighting. Escape path visibility during an alarm
Wireless Interconnect. Up to 24 alrms per segment
NetworkNow. Fast and Easy wireless newtork building
GroundSupport. Configure and query status via test button
Gateway. Link wired and wireless alarm segments
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*Available on SS10MAMA and SS10LNAN models
**5 year battery life using supplied backup batteries with SS10MANN and SS10MAMA mains powered models. SS10LNAN incorporates a 10 year Lithium primary battery. SS10MAMA and SS10LNAN Option card primary battery life is also 5 years.